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Baseball Themed Leather Wedding Album
By Custom Leather Books
Baseball Themed Leather Wedding Album

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This Custom Leather Wedding Album was made for a couple who got married at the baseball stadium and needed a scrapbook album to match the occasion. Their last name has been carved and embossed under red deerskin, along with a 3-D bat and home plate. The baseball dots the "i" in their name, and is covered in smooth white leather. It is accented with small wire stitches, which actually affix the ball into the cover. The year has been branded into the leather. Brushed aluminum wire follows the curve of the raised black spine panel, adorned with a raised swirl. The acid-free white and red pages are bound into the book around two leather binding cords, seen along the spine. The headbands, stitched into the spine edges, are comprised of leather cords wrapped with red and black thread. The cover hinges are reinforced with 55 lb tensile strength fabric to ensure heirloom quality. Acid-free photo mounts were provided. View hundreds of Custom Leather Album photos at www.leatherbooks.info.

Status: sold
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2009
Width: 12.0 in
Height: 9.0 in
Depth: 3.5 in
Weight: 5 lbs
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