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Double Sided Scrapbook Album
By Custom Leather Books
Double Sided Scrapbook Album

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This scrapbook album features 3-D carved and embossed initials on each side of the book. Any initials and leather colors may be requested. Half of the photos may be mounted from each side. Soft leather ties are attached for a closure, and brushed aluminum wire accents the curved leather edges. White acid-free paper is bound into the 30 page book. 55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges under the smooth black leather. Headbands are handstitched. See www.leatherbooks.info to view hundreds of Custom Leather Scrapbook Albums.

Status: for sale
Price: $395.00
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2009
Width: 8.5 in
Height: 10.25 in
Depth: 1.25 in
Weight: 3 lbs
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