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Jorge Namerow

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Contemporary painter Jorge Namerow has emerged as one of the
most intriguing young artists working today. His work blends
the classical ideals of figurative painting with a unique style. The
artist states, “Painting for me is very cathartic and is the most
articulate way for me to express my passion.”
Merging introspection and visual spectacle, Jorge Namerow
personal investigations of the figure, spirituality and abstraction
possess the power to transform today’s ideals of elegance and
The process of transforming paint and other materials into
images continues to compel and challenge me. Painting fills me
with a sense of well-being and humility, and has proven to be a
satisfying way for me to translate my visual ideas into a physical

I paint both what I see and what I feel—focusing on the
sensation and context of my experience. I work deliberately,
employing both traditional and innovative techniques, while
letting the uncertain nature of painting free my hand. My
paintings are finished when they are able to convey a moment or
sensation of where I am, as well as what I am seeing.

He claims to be “naturally drawn to paint the human figure for
its timeless sensitivity” and he adds, “nothing inspires me more
intensely than the female form.” Noted for the sensual vitality of
his work, Jorge Namerow’s endeavors to “extract the essence of
a mood and create work that is striking and simple yet, sustain
its integrity through the subtleties.” In the end, it is the
impulsive approach to his art that compels the viewer and
evokes their emotions.
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