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Born in San Francisco in 1948, Charlene grew up in the small coastal village of Pacifica just South of The City By The Bay.

Charlene realized at an early age her innate ability to draw and as her talent matured she recognized what a vital role drawing would play in creating her Still Life paintings. The fundamentals of rendering a true likeness of an object gave her an appreciation of the importance of establishing the proper composition for every painting.

"To this day maintaining a sketch book is for me what a journal is for a writer...simply a tool of the trade."

The discipline of drawing was strongly reinforced when Charlene became a student of the world renowned realist Charles Becker, who also espoused the critical requirement of composition
dictating the success of any Still Life, whether it consists of a single object or a collection of items.

"My vision as expressed through my Enhanced Realism style demands attention to the exacting detail of each item in a painting. A single orange for example becomes it's own composition in that it must share space and light in isolation in order for me to give it the intricate detail of texture and complexity of color."

"When I create a composition I literally "set the stage" with each object before me in a specific space."

Everyone of Charlene's paintings has a theme or story to tell. Not unlike actors on a stage each item plays an integral role as they relate to the whole of the composition. Understand that a strawberry placed next to an apple "acts" differently than if placed beside an orange.

"When I create a successful painting I have an emotional involvement with that piece"

The ultimate compliment in this drama of Enhanced Realism comes when one of Charlene's paintings evokes an emotional response from the viewer.

Charlene has exhibited in galleries in San Francisco and her works are in private collections in the U. S., Canada, and Great Britain. She has garnered several awards in exhibits in her home area of Sonoma County California where she now lives and works in her home studio.
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