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Roosevelt Bynum

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Roosevelt's work has been consistently recognized for his unique blend of artistic vision and technical excellence, and his artistic philosophy is that "photographs should evoke an emotional landscape, one not seen with the physical eye".

Roosevelt Bynum has been an avid photographer since childhood. Starting with a plastic 126 film camera and moving through a Vivitar 110 camera and various 35 mm cameras he has been consistently refining his technique and artistic approach for the last 30 years.

Mr. Bynum's current work uses medium format (Mamiya 645 pro and Hasselblad 501) and large format (Toyo 45cf and Meridian 45b) film cameras exclusively. He has worked with these formats for the last 10 years and continues to expand and refine his range of subjects and techniques using this approach more completely realize his artistic vision.His recent exhibits include the UArt Open Art Competition Exhibition, Triton Museum of Art - Landscapes: Rural and Urban Realities, Los Gatos Art Museum and Nocturnes Town and Country online exhibit. He received Third Place Award in MyArtworkSpace.com 2nd Annual Spring Art Competition, Merit Award from the Artfest In The Park 2009, and an Award of Excellence at the 2008 Almaden Art and Wine Festival.

He is a member of the Los Gatos Art Association, Rive Gauche Atristes, the Nocturnes night photography group and has lectured on night photography at Valle del Sur Art Guild and the Sunnyvale Art Club. He currently offers studio and wedding photography as well as an extensive portfolio of rural and urban landscapes.
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