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Naseem Gul

Contact Artist
Hi, my name is Naseem Gul and this is a profile about ME!!!

Well u knows that my name is Naseem Gul. I love to painting and I hope that I complete my dream. Art is one of my best friends. My paintings are with oil color, color pencil, water color, acrylic, and pastel. I don’t like to paint just in one way. Modern and realism is same. Both of them are beautiful. Just believing the art is important. I had deep interest in arts, particularly paintings and drawings during my school days....But eventually I could not give proper time to nurture my skills. Some time, I give the shape of my thinking in words... But still I love painting...Hope some day will make it...My passion and inspiration for painting is derived from places I visit regularly; landscapes; coastal scenery and dramatic skies.
My work can also be viewed on www.libra.350.com Painting is not just a form of expression, but also of communication. My goal is to show the beauty, irony and truth of the world through. To contact artist, send e-mail to naseemgul@live.com Thank you for viewing.
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