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Jamie Castaneda

Contact Artist
My name is Jamie R. Castaneda. I grew up in west Sacramento,
California and lived there until the age of 10. My grandpa has
been a huge influence in my life. He has taught me that school
is important and that it is important to go everyday. My first
artistic experience was that of my mom when she drew a picture
of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I thought it was the coolest
thing in the world.
My first art class was in 7th grade but was not too fond of it. It
was my junior year in high school when I got my first
sketchbook and began drawing from clippings that came out of
National Geographic. I took my first ceramic class and fell in
love with the design process of pottery, sculpture and the
glazing process my senior year. I got a chance to assist in
developing a children’s book that same year. Unfortunately, the
book was never published.
In the past five years I have been experimenting with watercolor,
acrylic painting, drawing and figure drawing, figure sculpture,
ceramics, and digital art. For a few months, I experienced the
promotional side of art for a local bar. I have been showcasing
my artwork locally since 2008.

If you have any questions or want to know more about my art,
contact me by email or phone.
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