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Wildlife Gallery

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Indian River Wildlife Gallery
1-800-786-6127 * www.indianriverwoodshop.com
Brent Freed

Brent Freed is earning praise among his peers and awards at Juried Art Shows. It almost seems his destiny to be sculpting ducks, fish and other wildlife from driftwood.
Born in Northern Michigan and raised in Central Texas, nature’s beauty has always been an inspiration. After serving in the Air Force and Desert Storm, he moved back to Michigan to help his father build rustic furniture. It was on one of his many canoe trips there that the idea for his “Freed Formed Art” was born. The combination of the two very different places, gave Brent the idea and material needed for his work.
His first love for his craft is the hunt and harvesting for the raw materials. Using nature’s leftovers, Red and White Cedar Driftwood, he takes to the Hill Country of Texas and the rivers’ edges of Northern Michigan. It is there that Brent’s creative eye sees things others might not.
Once back at his shop, intuition takes over and with strokes of the saw and turns of the sander, nature’s leftovers are given new life in the form of ducks, swans, eagles, falcons and fish. As lamps, wall decor or table top pieces, each is one of a kind.
Brent also continues to build a wide line of rustic lodge furniture. Indian River Woodshop is considered one of the premier canoe furniture makers with seven styles of canoe coffee tables and seven sizes of canoe shelving.
Brent’s work can be seen hanging on the walls or decorating the tables of galleries, resorts, outfitters and corporate offices all over North America. He also travels his displays to juried fine art shows all over The United States.
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