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Ma Ly

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"My art is primarily oil portraiture on canvas and includes commissioned family and posthumous portraits, as well as celebrities, sport, historical and political figures original paintings, done in a realistic style.

While oil is my preferred medium because of the incomparable brilliant colors and texture it offers, I work equally in acrylic, pastel, graphite pencil and gouache.

All of my clients are unique, and for each of them I strive to produce a portrait expressing at once the palpable and the nuanced reality of their personality. My endeavor is to give my patrons the highest degree of enriched realism as possible for a portrait, in turn, that is clearly a significant contribution to their legacies.

Between exhibitions, I welcome commissions for ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) and subjects including pets, plantlife, wildlife, landscapes, marketing, and more.

In addition, I give private art lessons.”

Born in Laos in 1970, of hmong origin, Ma Ly relocated right after the Vietnam War in France, where he received all his educational and artistic background. He lived in different cities and did different jobs in different fields, which leaded him to open his mind to the world and to many different forms of art. Largely self-taught artist, he practiced several medium and technique and painted any kind of subjects before focusing mainly on oil portraiture.

In 2007, he became a full-time artist, specializing in realistic portraits and artwork. In June 2008, he settled with his wife May Lee in Fresno, California, where they operate their art business: Colligo Studio.

His commissioned paintings are in private collections in France and in California. He is represented by Sally Weisse / Partners N Art in the Central Valley in California.
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