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Kathe Madrigal

Contact Artist
Artist statement: Kathe Madrigal

My current work is suggestive of portraiture in the
representational realm. I do not consider myself a figurative
painter, but more of a representationalist. Combinations of
abstract shapes invariably create suggestions of form which
sometimes are intended and at other times, viewer interpreted.

I have a fascination with moving figures and objects. I am in awe
of the movement of my children and how fast time is passing.
They are unencumbered by social pressures and I revel in this.
Time never stands still and I like to see that feeling come
through in my work. Viewers are able to see this action in the
forms and also in the evidence of the paint brush moving
delicately and also forcefully in the same moment.

My figures reflect a sense of freedom and stability; a strong
comment on my life currently. Raising two children, being a wife
and painter has it's conflicts. I like to combine strong colors with
softer, feminine hues while contriving an image only to
manipulate it to the point of obliteration to express the inability
to fully control ones life or of those around us.

Beginning my career with commissions, I still welcome them.
There is so much satisfaction when a client becomes involved in
a piece that is made just for them. It's both challenging and
rewarding and I love it.
contact: kathemadrigal@me.com
website: kathemadrigal.com
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