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Patricia Ariel

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Patricia is an emerging artist of surrealist, mystic and visionary themes. Based in Kentucky, USA, she was born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she lived and worked until moving to the United States. Since she was a little child she's been enjoying to give life to her private world through her drawings and writings. She's been drawing since age three, never remembering a single time of her life when she was not exploring some type of creative language. She's been also a performing artist, acting, dancing and singing since her late teens; she's also worked as a graphic designer, besides designed clothes, comics, and wrote music, short stories and an unpublished novel. Although part self-taught, she had some formal training in visual arts that included academic drawing classes and a degree in Fashion Design. Her love for teaching took her to a bachelor degree in Art Education with a specialization in Art History from the Rio de Janeiro State University. Even doing different things along her mercurial life, she has never stopped drawing, although pursuing a career in the visual arts was a little far from her plans. It was just after leaving her homeland that she considered the possibility more seriously , starting off as a fantasy illustrator, soon to become a fine artist. Currently she's been consistently bulding a body of work based on her passion for the figurative art combined with ornamental abstracts. Her inspiration and aesthetic references come from several sources, from the theatre and ballet to the Eastern Art, from the Art Nouveau and Jugendstill to the comtemporary Pop Art, including occult symbolism, Tarot, Astrology and metaphysics. Patricia is currently a member of the Energy Art Movement.
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