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Cristina Hasigan

Contact Artist
Born in Bucharest, Romania on the 21st of December 1950. Her Transylvanian father an accomplished artist, her Valahian mother in the legal profession and a writer. The artistic family sparked her early interest in art, music and political debate.

In 1969 graduated from ”Nicolae Tonitza School of Fine Arts”, Bucharest at top of her class. Won several prizes from an early age in European and national art competitions.

Growing up in Communist Romania, informed and listening underground to Voice of America and Radio Free Europe with her family, Cristina had a clear grasp of the totalitarian brutality of the system. After years of negotiations and planning in fall of 1969 she defected with her father. Despite an exhausting journey and months in a political refugee camp in Germany, she obtained residence in the United States.

The next several years she studied painting, art history and ceramics at Cleveland State University and Cleveland Institute of Art. Worked with her father in his Byzantine Art Studio designing and painting sacred spaces. Traveled and worked in Europe and the US.
Participated in art exhibitions in Washington, DC, Aspen, CO, Houston, TX, Lakewood and Beachwood, OH.
Executed commissioned work for the Saudi Royal Family and other private parties in Europe and the US. Many works are in private collections in Washington, DC, Romania, Italy, Canada, Kansas City, Rocky River, New York, Tucson, San Diego.
Professional Experience

Free-lance artist doing commissioned paintings, murals, stained glass work, mosaics and works on paper.

Free-lance designer of church interiors, restaurant concepts and private residences.

Restoration of churches and neo-byzantine painting. Executed over 60 projects in USA.

Real Estate license, sales and marketing of new home construction, community development concept, interior design of model homes and product brochures.

Current activity includes planning personal art exhibits in Romania, Washington, DC and Arizona.
Working on a new series of paintings entitled “Paintings From My Religion” and “Monsoon”.
Planning the concept of a Romanian Cook Book accompanied by DVDs with wines and tourist spots of various regions.
A gastronomic Voyage around Romania....meet the people, see how they live and cook.

Contact Information and Affiliations

Member Arizona Artists Guild
Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Jack Craciun III
Chairman / CEO
ITM Ltd. (HK)
AlphaCom International, Ltd. (HK) (ACIL)
LifeWare International (Asia), Ltd. (HK) (LWIA)
ITM Ltd. (US)
Teen Club Foundation, Inc. (Director)
ITM Ltd. (US)
1394 Gladys Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44107
Office : (216) 227 – 9986 E-mail : jjciii@itmltd.com

Dr. Adrian Silvan Ionescu

Art Critic and Historian

"Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History of the Romanian Academy

1, Aviatorilor Boulevard, 011851 Bucharest, Romania
Phone: (401) 212-53-37
Fax: (401) 311-03-71
E-mail: adriansilvanionescu@yahoo.com

Fluent in English, Romanian, French, reading in Italian, Spanish and German.

Artist’s Statement

Passionate about life, I paint all that touches my senses...nature, life, emotion, thought, prayer.

I am a keeper of traditions and secrets of the masters, sanctuary for the innocent.

Impasto, gold, glazes...the brilliance of the pure hue.

My palettes evolve from series to series; I work on 10-12 paintings at once.

Dual artistic existence cradles my expression from Byzantine rituals to secular delights.

Cristina Hasigan
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