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Jae Yong Kim

Contact Artist
Jae Yong Kim was born in South Korea in 1973 and at the age of
three moved to Kuwait when his father was relocated as a
regional director there of a construction company and lived with
his family in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for a total of Five years.
He spent most of his adolescence and youth in Seoul, South
Korea, until he graduated high school and went alone to the
United States in 1994 to pursue a university degree. His early
experience of mobility and his move to the U.S. informs the
concerns in his work- which is rooted to his desire to
understand and find his identity and the meaning of the ‘Home.’
He explores these issues through the use of a surrogate subject
in his work, such as his dog Momo and snails. He is recognized
and noticed for his quirky, eclectic and humorous renditions of
these subjects, and for his ability to create a relatable language
for the viewer in order to deal with human issues such as
cruelty, pain, anguish, joy, love, and friendship.

He attended and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts (in Ceramics
and Sculpture) at the Hartford Art School at the University of
Hartford and his Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics at Cranbrook
Academy of Art in Michigan. He was selected to participate in
over forty group exhibitions such as the “East & West Clay Works
Exhibition” at the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art in Japan and
the Korean Craft Promotion Foundation Gallery in Seoul, Korea,
“The LEAP Award Finalists Exhibition” at the Society for
Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA, “Generations: Impending
Lineage” at the Art and Industry Gallery, San Diego, CA and
others, as well as in various educational institution settings such
as the Taub Hall Gallery at the Hartford Art School, George
Siegel Gallery at Montclair State University, Coviant Gallery at
University of South Florida, and Cranbrook Art Museum. He had
a solo show “Snailing” at the New Century Artists Gallery in New
York and the Visual Research Gallery in New Haven, CT, and four
other solo shows in Manchester Community College, Gallery in
the Wood, The University Gallery at the University of Bridgeport,
and the Taub Hall Gallery at the Hartford Art School. He
received the Juror Choice Award in a juror show, “Craft Forms”
at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA from jurors Alex Karros,
Myra Mimlitch Gray, Sandra Brownlee, First Prize from the “Wood
Memorial Biennial” at the Gallery in the Wood in South Windsor,
CT juried by Susan Cross, associate curator of the Guggenheim
Museum, and the Best of Show Award at the “Contemporary
Vision” show in the University Gallery in Bridgeport, CT, from
juror Ivan Karp, owner of the O.K. Harris Gallery.

Jae Yong Kim is included in collections such as the University of
Hartford, University of Bridgeport, as well as in homes of private
and individual collectors. He participated in a summer residency
at Greenwich House Pottery in New York, and a workshop with
Sun-Ku Yhe, a ceramic sculptor at Alfred University. He was a
visiting lecturer at Manchester Community College and the
University of Bridgeport and currently teaches as an adjunct
professor in the Department of Art and design at Montclair State

The artist’s interest, research and studio practices extends from
making individual ceramic pieces, to installation, and has an
ongoing collaboration with a recognized fine jewelry designer,
Sally Sohn, whose designs are found at high-end retailers such
as New York Bergdorf Goodman, nationwide Neiman Marcus,
Stanley Korshak and others. He is always open to
experimentation with different media, and pushing different
media to their fullest capacity and limit. The artist lives and
works in Long Island City, NY.
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