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African Art By Larize

Contact Artist
Larize Nadia Swart was born in Odendaalsrus, South
Africa, on the 16th of February 1982. Larize is
the daughter to a 5th Generation Goldfields
Geologist. Living a nomadic existence – her
childhood years were spend trailing across eastern
and southern Africa.

Larize has lived in various African countries and
New Zealand. However, for the last 7 years has
lived and painted in Kenya, New Zealand, Fiji and
United States of America, where she has become one
of the country's leading Cultural Artists .

She is very versatile in both medium and style and
can switch easily from one culture and style to

As Larize matures as an artist, she shows an
ability to leave the background clutter and her
style becomes more impressionistic in approach.
There is a new energy of stroke becoming evident
in her paintings and a renewed vigor which is very
pleasing to the eye.
Her variety of styles and subject matter, give her
work a wide appeal and contribute to her fast
growing success as an artist.

Larize’s work can be viewed as the most authentic
and rare African Art.

She works from her studios around the globe, but
is just as happy painting outdoors in nature, that
so inspires her.
Larize has a great passion for both strong and
vibrant colors and softer, muted tones.
Being a South African, Larize likes to stay close
to the roots she had left behind, by showing the
world a very small but beautiful piece of African
art and Heritage.
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