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Her life journey began in Metkoviæ, where she educated. Noticed art talent show is already in School, but life took her across Europe as a member of the cultural and artistic society „Metkoviæ“, collected by the congnitive experience, watching and teaching used every opportunity to draw and paint. And so, until the arrival in Zagreb and Sesvete where included in the joint work and activities of the group artists gathered around the museum Prigorje. Acknowledging her talent so all results in the first solo exhibitions of paintings and drawings. Participating in several international and group exhibitions, including exhibitions on the jury in the U.S., Serbia, watercolors Biennale "Zaprešièki watercolorist," which, as an exceptional cultural "export" the product of a bridge of cooperation with museums and galleries traveling around Croatia and abroad. At the international exhibitions in Lithuania, Lituanian ArtWeek, wins 1st Place in the category landscape and 3 Place in the category of watercolor works with "Back Home" and "Iris."
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