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Broken Rock
Broken Rock
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This studio marks a return of, and commitment to, a long since faded dream. It also marks the defeat of insecurity and surrendering to the realization that, in fact, all things are possible. Broken Rock represents the crumbling, or sometimes smashing (at times with my bloodied brow), of self inflicted barriers and for better or worse the end of gnawing turmoil that has raged in my mind for years.

I am self taught with God given talent. A published illustrator seen in local and national magazines and after a hiatus from the craft I decided to rededicate myself to bring this thing to an end - for better, or for worse - and so the birth of Broken Rock Studio.
Broken Rock Exhibitions
Ground Attack
Location: United States
New York
Date: January 8, 2010
Description: To some artist capturing the grand vista of a sunset or a multicolored landscape is appealing. There is no mistaking the beauty of nature but in my work I try to capture the "Moment". The instance that defines the outcome of a decision made or not made. Capturing the intensity of that moment and freezing it. Reveling in moments...big and small.
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